Full Auto Friday


If you haven’t fired a modern rifle or pistol with a “giggle switch” — and even if you have — the 2016 Texas Firearms Festival’s Full-Auto Friday is the place to do it. 

In addition to Saturday and/or Sunday admission to the main show — with FastPass, VIP-ony range time and other benefits — VIP ticket holders enjoy exclusive Full Auto Friday access to a wide variety of machine guns and pistols from exhibitors big and small (e.g., IWI and Roughneck Firearms). 

From 4pm to 9pm on Friday October 14th, VIP ticket holders who are over 18 will shoot glorious bursts of full-auto fire from H&K variants, AR-15’s, AK’s and more! Many guns will be equipped with suppressors, courtesy The Silencer Shop and other providers.  

VIP ticket holders will be firing frangible Sinterfire ammunition at steel targets from ten yards. For safety’s sake, magazines are limited to ten rounds. But you can shoot as many mags as you would like! 

VIP tickets holders at Full Auto Friday purchase tickets for their discount-priced 9mm and .223 Sinterfire ammunition at check-in. Need more ammo? You can buy more tickets on the range. 

There are very few places where you can shoot a variety of machine guns and pistols to your heart’s content in a safe and family-friendly environment, mixing with the experts who know the guns best. Come and shoot them at the 2016 Texas Firearms Festival! 

Click here now to buy your VIP tickets. Join us for the first annual Texas Firearms Festival Full-Auto Friday and enjoy the rest of your benefits at the world’s largest shoot, shop and buy event. See you there!