Texas Firearms Festival

CMC Triggers

CMC Triggers Returns for the 2015 Texas Firearms Festival

CMC Triggers was a hit at the 2014 Texas Firearms Festival. The Texas-based manufacturer proved their company’s claim: the trigger is an AR-15 and/or AR-10 platform rifle’s single most important “accurizer”. You want to shoot better groups or CQB with increased lethality? A CMC Triggers’ trigger group is the simplest, easiest and best solution. No screws, no adjustability,… Continue reading »

DPx Hiker (courtesy dpxgear.com)

DPx Gear (Knives) Selling at The 2015 Texas Firearms Festival

DPx Gear sells some amazingly simple, straightforward, useful knives. The upcoming made-in-the-USA DPx Hiker above (for example) is manufactured by White River Knife & Tool using S30V stainless steel in a stonewashed or ceramic-coated finish. The carabiner handle makes it easy for mounting to gear; the Hiker will be the “at-hand” knife that doesn’t get lost, dropped or misplaced. We’re also looking forward… Continue reading »